Delivering better clinical trial datasets with the cloud
The cloud holds the potential to help hospitals, researchers and doctors to deliver clinical trials that scale and improve patient experience. The cloud has the potential to help life sciences organisations scale, improve the clinical trial process and offer a more patient-centric experience. Modernised clinical trials allow providers to focus on their role in discovering … Continued
Clinical Trials Q2 2022
The five principles for good clinical trials
An abundance of tools is widely available to researchers today that can empower clinical trials to be more adaptive, connected, efficient, flexible, resilient and transparent. The use of new tools in clinical trials can help bridge the gap between research in higher- and lower-income countries. But their potential can be wasted when used without thinking … Continued
Improving outcomes for neurology clinical trials
Clinical trials in neurological diseases are a complex area of research where figures suggest there is an unusually high failure rate. Data from the United States shows that only 5.9% of phase I neurology clinical trial drugs are likely to get FDA approval and of the 2,352 neurology clinical trials started in 2020, fewer than … Continued