Patient safety is pivotal in phase I trials
Clinical trials sit at the heart of therapeutic development and new medicines, ensuring they are conducted safely remains paramount. Robust design of phase I clinical trials is critical to ensure patient safety during the process of developing new therapies and drugs.  This is particularly important when potential new treatments move into first-in-human studies in phase I before conducting more detailed phase II and phase … Continued
Clinical Trials 2021
COVID-19 is modernising the way we run clinical trials: what will happen next?
The biopharmaceutical industry and regulatory authorities have been working to ensure clinical trials have been progressing in all diseases throughout the global pandemic. When the COVID-19 pandemic began, most of our focus went to ‘how can my family and I stay safe?’ and ‘will we have medicines and vaccines that will treat or protect us?’ … Continued
Clinical Trials 2021
Why research transparency is everyone’s business
Everyone involved in clinical research has responsibility to ensure it’s open and transparent. Transparency has never been more crucial in research. In March 2020, as the first urgent public health studies began, it became clear that research would be central to our response to the pandemic. As an organisation, we knew that public visibility about … Continued