Clinical Trials Q2 2022
Increasing trust in real world data through new framework
When new treatments are brought to the market, they go through multiple assessments to ensure that they are safe, effective and good value for money. However, questions still remain. The questions that need answering during this journey are many and diverse. It is therefore no surprise that no one study design is ideal for answering … Continued
Rethinking data quality best practice in the era of decentralised clinical trials
Pandemic-related disruptions have accelerated much-needed change in clinical operations, but this change has been accompanied by questions about data collection and data quality.  In a recent survey commissioned by Oracle Health Sciences, more than 75% of industry respondents indicated that limitations in patients’ ability to attend on-site visits sped up their adoption of decentralised clinical trial … Continued
Clinical Trials 2021
Delivering a new era of clinical research in the UK
Clinical research is helping us deliver a new generation of breakthrough treatments, with the pharmaceutical industry currently working on thousands of new medicines and vaccines. The UK has always had a global reputation for world-leading medical research and does well in early phase clinical trials. However, we could do more when it comes to later-stage, … Continued