Wound care management: assess sooner, act faster and address earlier
Antimicrobial stewardship is a critical factor within effective wound care. It ensures that antimicrobials (including antibiotics and topical antimicrobial dressings) are used efficiently and appropriately, with the right product delivered to the right patient at the right time to support good clinical outcomes and avoid the spread of infection. Education to deliver appropriate intervention Education, … Continued
Financing the fight: the role of investors in the fight against AMR
The global risk of antimicrobial resistance is increasing, and investors are harnessing their power to turn the tide on AMR. The COVID pandemic has seen antimicrobial resistance (AMR) become a key item on the G7’s agenda, with health and finance ministers committed to ‘curb the silent pandemic’. The finance sector must play its part in … Continued
AMR Q4 2021
The last chance to reinvigorate AMR innovation
The needs of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) must be considered when reshaping the regulatory framework intended to incentivise AMR innovation. SMEs are keen to contribute to a dialogue with policymakers. As we painfully enter a post COVID era, Europe is organising itself to ensure that it is not caught unawares in the event of a new pandemic. … Continued
AMR Q4 2021
Developing new antibiotics – the next great challenge
For a long time, the world has recognised the threat posed by antimicrobial resistance (AMR) but the pipeline of new antibiotics to tackle it remains too weak. The WHO has recognised AMR as one of the urgent health challenges of the decade1. But, while we have seen progress in tackling this looming catastrophe in some … Continued
Antimicrobial Resistance 2020
The threat of a bacterial pandemic needs a new business model now
Bacterial infections could become the next pandemic – and we could be helpless because today’s antibiotic development model is broken. “The World Health Organization (WHO) says 12% of current deaths are due to infections, and an estimated nine different bacteria are developing antimicrobial resistance. By 2050, that could mean 10 million deaths annually at a … Continued