How research elevates the voices of women who are marginalised
Capturing and sharing stories of hope and resilience is key to supporting women who aspire to more sustainable and equitable futures.  Northumbria University’s Centre for Global Development works to empower women, as well as to understand and tackle the risks, challenges and marginalisation they face across the global South. A key element of our research … Continued
Empowering Women and Girls Q1 2023
How one mother finds a way to protect children from malaria
Elizabeth George Kepha, 33, lives in Misungwi, a town in the Mwanza region of Tanzania, and is nine months pregnant. Raising her family alone, she finds a life-changing way to avoid malaria and improve the welfare of her children. Elizabeth lives with her sister and her two children Helen Joseph, 8, and Elliot Joseph, 4. … Continued