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Today’s world needs bold female changemakers!

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Global Female Leaders Summit

What are the issues that business leaders have to change fundamentally in order to create a world that future generations want to live in?

Women are shaping tomorrow’s business realities

An organisation becomes fit for the future through its richness of ideas, approaches and perspectives. More and more women are taking up positions of responsibility on executive and supervisory boards across the world, thereby entering top management. The growing dynamics of this trend cannot be ignored. And one thing is clear: wherever this happens, old patterns of thoughts are being disbanded. We profit from this increased variety of thoughts, perspectives and solutions.

The following four, big topics and challenges are shaping and transforming our society:

1. Governance & global cooperation

Humanity increasingly faces both opportunities and problems that are global in scale. Solving real threats like the climate change requires a global governance and bolstered global cooperation. Is it possible to reconcile economy and ecology for a sustainable and livable planet? What kind of governance and leadership do we need in our polarised world?

2. Life science & health

Digitalisation has drastically transformed the healthcare landscape. Technology and innovation open new possibilities to detect and cure diseases and offer a better quality of life. What solutions does technology like AI bring to healthcare and life science? How do we tackle infectious diseases continue to be a significant threat?

3. Sustainable city & mobility

The world population is growing, and two-third is projected to live in urban areas by 2050. Although urbanisation has its advantages, the demographic development and the economic growth are interacting adversely with environmental quality and natural resources. How can we meet the needs of the growing urban population in terms of housing, transportation, and energy? What potential does the circular economy bring for sustainable cities?

4. Internet & media:

Internet and digitisation have fundamentally altered the way news, media and entertainment content are produced, distributed and consumed. They also changed the nature and function of media in our society, challenging its role as gatekeepers of news and entertainment. How can we tackle the challenges in the modern digital information environment? How can we make 5G and next generation networks a force for good?

Collaborating to build a better world

Global Female Leaders summit has been established for leaders and changemakers from across the world to share in, and inspire each other with, problem solving discussions of the questions raised above.

The summit directs attention to new markets and fields of action for companies and regions, enables the joint exploration of visions and strategies, and extends the boundaries of previous knowledge.

This economic summit enables women to engage thoughts and start a dialogue; women who shape their societies and their organisations – women who make their mark for impactful change.

In line with the motto “Are you a Changemaker?” the 7th Global Female Leaders summit is taking place on October 19th – 20th, 2020 at the landmark Hotel Adlon Kempinski in Berlin

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