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The wildlife tourism Twitter chat

Have your say, on Twitter, how tourism can work with our natural environment.
Join experts from the Treadright Foundation, Wilderness Foundation Africa, Celine Cousteau, Wildlife Alliance, Blood Lions, World Animal Protection and more.

The chat’s questions are outlined below. If scheduling ahead, please plan your answers to post around one minute after the corresponding question, to keep things flowing!

Q1 12:00 What wildlife attractions should travellers avoid?
(Answer with A1: and #WildlifeTourismChat)

Q2 12:06 What can people do to help raise awareness around animal welfare?
(Answer with A2: and #WildlifeTourismChat)

Q3 12:12 How can travel companies help protect wildlife?
(Answer with A3: and #WildlifeTourismChat)

Q4 12:18 How can travellers support communities in their efforts to protect wildlife?
(Answer with A4: and #WildlifeTourismChat)

Q5 12:24 What are your top 3 sustainable-travel tips?
(Answer with A5: and #WildlifeTourismChat)

Q6 12:30 What is wildlife tourism?
(Answer with A6: and #WildlifeTourismChat)

Q7 12:36 What is a “protected area”?
(Answer with A7: and #WildlifeTourismChat)

Q8 12:42 What threats do protected areas face?
(Answer with A8: and #WildlifeTourismChat)

Q9 12:48 How do national parks protect environments and their wildlife?
(Answer with A9: and #WildlifeTourismChat)

Q10 12:54 Can tourism help wildlife conservation?
(Answer with A10: and #WildlifeTourismChat)

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