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Top 8 Global Water Crisis Facts


Written by: https://www.unwater.org/water-facts/handhygiene/

2 out of 5 people or 3 billion people around the world lack basic handwashing facilties at home: 1.6 billion have limited facilities lacking soap or water, and 1.4 billion have no facility at all. (WHO/UNICEF 2019)

Nearly three quarters of the population of Least Developed Countries lack handwashing facilities with soap and water. (WHO/UNICEF 2019)

Nearly 900 million children worldwide lack a basic hygiene service at their school. (WHO/UNICEF 2018)

Some 297,000 children – more than 800 every day – under five die annually from diarrhoeal diseases due to poor sanitation, poor hygiene, or unsafe drinking water. (WHO 2019)

Children younger than age 5 in countries experiencing protracted conflict are 20 times more likely to die from causes linked to unsafe water and sanitation than from direct violence. (UNICEF, 2019)

1 million deaths each year are associated with unclean births. Infections account for 26% of neonatal deaths and 11% of maternal mortality. (WHO/UNICEF 2019)

Hygiene promotion is the most cost effective health intervention. (World Bank 2016)

Universal access to safe drinking water and adequate sanitation and hygiene would reduce the global disease burden by 10%. (WHO 2012)

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