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The Global Fund: Malaria elimination efforts in Africa

The fight against malaria in Senegal

The growing corps of community health workers in Senegal have transformed health care delivery by providing lifesaving treatment in hard-to-reach rural areas where health facilities are either under-resourced or non-existent. As caregivers and educators, community health workers have significantly increased early malaria referral rates, eliminating potentially deadly delays.

Senegal’s malaria-related deaths have fallen by 57% since 2002, and 33 districts have reached the pre-elimination stage. This milestone indicates that transmission rates have dropped sufficiently enough to start shifting programmes from the goal of ‘control’ to that of elimination.

Photo credit: The Global Fund
Pictured above: Hope for malaria in Chad, photo credit: The Global Fund / Andrew Esiebo

The fight against malaria in Chad

In Africa, the continent with the highest malaria burden, the percentage of people at risk for malaria who have access to mosquito nets grew from 6% in 2005 to 62% in 2015. Global health partners support the rollout of mass distribution campaigns of insecticide-treated nets to protect communities.

The fight against malaria in Niger

The investments in integrated healthcare systems and malaria prevention programmes have led to a significant decline in malaria cases in children under five years old, which is also contributing to a steep decline in child mortality.

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