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Aloe Blacc uses his influence to impact positive change

Aloe uses his music to influence positive change and is a passionate supporter of the malaria campaign.

Aloe Blacc travelled with Malaria No More UK to Ghana to learn about the impact of malaria and to see an extraordinary mosquito net campaign we helped to support covering the whole of the country.

In the last decade child deaths from malaria have been halved. The UK public, government and British business have played a leading role in this success and we need to keep it that way. Stop now and we risk catastrophic resurgence so as a father I endorse the need to remain determined to make malaria no more.

Aloe Blacc

We made a short film featuring his highlights including a special moment when Aloe meets a class of school children who have all been affected by malaria and together they sing his anthem of the times I Need A Dollar.

“I visited a primary school and asked a classroom full of children: Who in the room has been affected by malaria? Every single child raised their hand. I was taken aback – this should not be the norm. Malaria is a preventable disease, yet it is robbing children of their health and opportunity for education.”

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