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10 ways the UK is helping to end modern slavery

“It is time to eradicate this shameful practice. Slavery, anywhere, must not be tolerated in the 21st century, and our work to stamp out this practice abroad will support our effort to end slavery in the UK. This is a long term challenge and others must follow our lead.” says International Development Secretary, Penny Mordaunt.

“I met with victims of this horrendous crime during my time in Bangladesh who had been exploited and abused who we are now supporting, and it is absolutely right that we protect vulnerable men, women and children from being duped into imprisonment, domestic servitude and forced labour.”

Modern Slavery legislation

The UK was the first country to introduce comprehensive Modern Slavery legislation.

Big businesses

Companies with more than a £36m turnover must set out steps taken to prevent slavery in their business.

Business Against Slavery Forum

Through the Business Against Slavery Forum we are eradicating slavery from supply chains.

National referral mechanism

We are improving victim identification through recently announced reform of the national referral mechanism.

Government partnerships

We are doubling aid spend to £150m, whilst building partnerships with other governments, so together we can drive down the number of victims. 

International funding

£40m of funding will help 500,000 people at risk of exploitation; South Asia has the highest prevalence of forced labour and we will help 350,000 victims.

Improving justice systems

We are working with countries, like Nigeria to tackle slavery by improving justice systems to root out traffickers.

The Global Fund

Aid to the Global Fund to End Modern Slavery will target sectors with a high risk of slavery.

G7, G20 and United Nations

We are pushing for action through the G7, G20 and the UN.

PM’s Call to Action

40 countries have signed the Prime Minister’s global Call to Action to show they will not tolerate slavery.

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