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Craig Hoechstetter

Vice President Sales and Marketing, InDevR, Inc.

Within the rapidly moving vaccine landscape and changing face of infectious diseases, vaccine manufacturers are under increasing pressure to make the latest products available as soon as safely possible.

As major vaccine manufacturers require increasing levels of customised support in the areas of development, quality control and release testing, they are seeking partnerships with other scientifically-driven organisations.

Vaccine development solutions

Smaller, agile organisations serve as trusted partners, accelerating vaccine development processes. Among them is InDevR, Inc., providing analytical tools and services that enable vaccine researchers to speed their path to market.

Craig Hoechstetter, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, says: “Our technology helps vaccine companies and research organisations simplify, standardise and accelerate their analytical testing processes from development to product release.”

Their analytical technologies are based on a microarray platform using antibodies, antigens or oligonucleotides printed on a glass plate and detected by a fluorescence tag. Products include the VaxArray® Portfolio of multiplexed assays for vaccine analytics and the CypherOne System for digital imaging and automated interpretation of hemagglutination (HA) and hemagglutination inhibition (HAI) assays.

Our technology helps vaccine companies and
research organisations simplify, standardise
and accelerate their analytical testing processes.

Customised vaccine tests

New influenza strain(s) are assessed and potentially recommended for vaccine inclusion every six months by the World Health Organization. InDevR has a library of over 300 curated antibodies with deep expertise encompassing over 20 flu seasons — both can be leveraged by customers for their specific detection assays.

In the case of pneumococcal vaccines, they support manufacturers by combining unique serotype constellations for different vaccines. These combinations are swiftly integrated into
an immunoassay test, meeting the latest unique vaccine requirements effectively. “We analyse their vaccine samples and rapidly create a test specifically for them,” explains Hoechstetter. The process is customised as each manufacturer and vaccine is different and helps customers optimise their vaccine product in a competitive industry. “This ultimately helps patients get higher-quality vaccines sooner,” he adds.

mRNA-based technologies

As mRNA-based technologies compete with traditional vaccines moving forward, InDevR demonstrates its application in all platforms (eggbased, cell-based and mRNA-based). Hoechstetter concludes: “The strength of our company is our scientific expertise, longstanding vaccine industry experience and commitment to partnering with global organisations to ease their assay development burden.”

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