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Home » Climate Action » Targets to achieve Centrica’s net zero ambitions

Jim Rushen

Group Head of Environment, Centrica

Heat pumps are the best immediate option for millions of homes that are either off-grid or well insulated. However, some homes on the gas grid might not be suitable for heat pumps due to limited thermal efficiency or space, so we’re actively developing our thinking in this area to provide viable solutions such as hydrogen heating for different types of customers. By 2025 our aim is to deliver up to 20,000 heat pumps a year.

Electric vehicles are vital for reaching net zero. So, we’re helping customers and communities make the switch by providing a one-stop shop which includes infrastructure, smart controls via the Hive app and dedicated time of use tariffs using renewable electricity. By 2025 we plan to install up to 100,000 EV charge points a year.

We are expanding energy efficiency and home energy management tools like the Hive smart thermostat and app to help customers use less energy. By 2025 we hope to have helped 2.5 million customers to use less energy by adopting our Hive heating solutions.

As we aim to inspire our customers to live more sustainably, it’s important that we lead by example in reducing our own emissions. We’re targeting to reduce our emissions by 40% by 2034 and achieve net zero by 2045.

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