Tom Bradshaw’s story


UK farmer Tom Bradshaw discusses the reality European farmers face today: managing the environment, tackling weeds and diseases, market and regulatory pressures and a lack of public understanding about what it takes to produce affordable, high quality food.

Christophe Grison's story


Spend time with Christophe, and it’s clear to see how seriously he takes innovation in farming. Perhaps the facet of agricultural innovation least understood by the general public is the extent to which new farming practices are entirely consistent with protecting the environment. This can seem counter intuitive, with the mental model people have of historic farming being environmentally friendly, and modern farming less so.

Marcus Holtkötter's story


For Marcus, preserving history and running a family business is a passion. His family constructed the farm in the 16th century and has continued to work the land since. The work was mainly physical, and everything had to be done by hand. When Marcus took over the business from his father (who still likes to help out on the farm), he decided to make some changes.