In July 2016, the World Hepatitis Alliance, together with a large number of civil society organisations launched NOhep, a global grassroots movement working to eliminate viral hepatitis by 2030. It was launched to coincide with the adoption of WHO’s Global Hepatitis strategy, which includes a goal of eliminating viral hepatitis by 2030.

"Recognising the elimination of viral hepatitis cannot be accomplished by one set of stakeholders."

NOhep acts a global platform which brings patients, civil society groups, governments and medical professionals together to build global awareness of the disease, similar to the red ribbon for HIV/AIDS, and to accelerate action towards the goal of elimination.

In the last twelve months, NOhep has gained considerable momentum gaining supporters from over 120 countries and the hashtag (#NOhep) reaching over 10 million people online.

"NOhep will be a global platform, similar to the red ribbon for HIV/AIDS."

Moving forward, NOhep will continue to grow and support all stakeholders who have a role to play in achieving the elimination of viral hepatitis. It will firmly position itself at the forefront of the elimination conversation, showcasing exemplary leadership, fostering on the ground innovative solutions and taking action to support the policy change needed to eliminate this cancer-causing illness by 2030.

You can find out more at and look out for our We Are NOhep documentary: