With heightened focus on diet and health in the media, you would think that nutritionist and LINWOODS health food ambassador Jenna Hope would be happy that people are educating themselves. But she’s worried that we’re following fad diets without realising the potential consequences. From fast-food and hunched lunches to the gym squad and the rise of veganism, Jenna worries that these behaviours can pose a risk of nutritional problems.  She says, “People may not always be aware of their nutrient deficiencies especially if they’re cutting out large food groups from their diet. Ensuring you are nutritionally replete can transform everything from our mood and sleeping patterns, to our hormones.”


Historical properties


Jenna explains that although nowadays people are looking to nutrition to optimise their health rather than prevent disease, the trick is incorporating them into our daily lives. She says, I encourage my clients to build up their fruit and vegetable intake by increasing one portion per day. I’m also a fan of the LINWOODS product range which contains a variety of nutrients including omega-3, fibre and iron, and can be added to porridge, smoothies and yoghurt.

"In the 2000s we had the trend of size zero, but right now it’s strong that's beautiful."

“I say to my clients that if they can add one extra piece of fruit or vegetable a day then they can build it up and something else can be added. LINWOODS allows you to easily add superfoods such as nutrient rich milled flaxseed to your breakfast which means you’re adding to your daily allowance without realising. LINWOODS Milled Flaxseed with Almonds, Brazil Nuts, Walnuts & Co-Enzyme Q10 is one of the few foods that provides a high percentage of your reference intake of magnesium and selenium in one serving. The addition of CoQ10 offers many benefits such as added energy, digestive power, cell maintenance and antioxidants.”

But it’s not just nutritionists who are advocating the use of nutrients, the government does too. It suggests that we all need extra vitamin D during the colder months. Important for hormone production, mood and energy levels, taking supplements and vitamins when needed ensures that our bodies stay on a natural cycle.


Rise of faddy diets


Jenna worries that some of the latest diet trends could be sapping people of essential nutrients. In the spotlight is veganism, something Jenna believes people need to understand more about. She says, “B12 is very difficult to replace naturally and vegans are often encouraged to supplement this nutrient.

It’s the same with calcium, this can be replaced by lots of green leafy vegetables, nuts and seeds – or you could choose something like LINWOODS’ Hemp Protein+ to supplement the nutrients you’ve cut out.

Protein is essential to help maintain muscle mass, prevent blood vessel problems and has the added benefit of being an anti-inflammatory. People are often driven by weight when it comes to nutrition and diet although they need to be aware of some of the nutritional risks.

Another worrying trend is the rise of people taking fitness to extreme levels. Jenna explains, “In the 2000s we had the trend of size zero, but right now strong is beautiful. While it’s a worthwhile message, some have taken it to the extreme. It’s important to note that it’s not natural for the female body to have a very low body fat percentage. It can risk harm to a woman’s reproductive system by delaying periods and affecting bone density if their weight drops under a certain level.”

Afraid of intolerances


Despite the various trends, today there is more knowledge about how our bodies work than ever before. That’s why many of Jenna’s clients believe they have an intolerance. Gut reactions to today’s fast living make up a huge proportion of our aches and pains, but when Jenna sits down with them she often finds that it’s not just the food they are eating – but how they are eating it that is affecting their ability to metabolise food.

She says, “Some people find themselves snatching a sandwich and eating it on the run, others won’t pay attention to what they’re eating if they’re hunched over a desk. This stops our brain sending important signals which tells our mouth to release saliva and our stomachs to produce enough enzymes to break down the food. This can irritate both the gut and the bowel, yet clients don’t realise and think it’s the type of food when it can be just the way they’re eating it.

While the emphasis on diets, intolerances and weight is important, for Jenna it’s also about how we can use knowledge of food and mindfulness techniques such as reflection and gratitude, to feel as well as we can on the inside.

Jenna is working with LINWOODS to debunk dieting myths, highlight the benefits of the right nutrition and provide easy steps to incorporate the right nutrient levels into your diet.  




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