The process of antibacterial discovery, research and development has changed over the last decade with most of the new agents in clinical trials or recently approved, having been discovered in academia or small to medium sized companies. These have then been licensed or sold to large companies for development with the end goal of producing new drugs to use in patients.
However, early drug discovery and development, including the possibility of developing previously discontinued agents would benefit from a database of antibacterial compounds.

AntibioticDB,, is the first free, open-access database of antibacterial compounds. It includes over 1000 compounds, which are in one of the following categories: (1) discovery or hit to lead optimisation; (2) clinical trial; (3) awaiting approval, or recently approved for use in patients; (4) the compound has been discontinued. The database is simple to use: queries such as drug name or class are typed into a familiar search bar and then clicking on ‘search’.

This database will help people to know the reasons for not developing some compounds and the current status of development of compounds as they travel through the development pipeline.